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This is the preferred method for treating high-risk skin cancer and skin cancer in cosmetically sensitive areas. Mohs Micrographic Surgery is a very precise, microscopically-controlled outpatient procedure. The technique combines the surgical removal of cancerous tissue with the microscopic examination of 100% of the surgical margin. Mapping is done of any cancerous ‘roots’ seen under the microscope (hence the term ‘micrographic’). Using this technique, the roots of skin cancer are mapped out and exercised sequentially, layer by layer, on the same day. This procedure is time-consuming while the tissue is examined and mapped and often requires several hours of waiting in the office. Mohs surgery offers the highest cure rate and spares as much normal tissue as possible, resulting in the smallest scar. Dr. Jason Ryan Litak completed a general surgery internship, a dermatology residency, and an advanced fellowship in Mohs surgery, pathology, and reconstructive surgery (only 70 such fellowships exist.) After fellowship, he practiced at Kaiser Permanente as a full-time Mohs surgeon performing 800 cases per year.

Dr. Litak has a passion for the surgical management of skin cancer and reconstruction after skin cancer removal. He is available for the evaluation and management of known or suspected skin cancer and accepts referrals for Mohs from doctors in the community.